internet trolls - the musical

blorg skull-collector, middle earth: shadow of mordor.
That’s why internet is a dangerous place.

That’s why internet is a dangerous place.

DAMN! the blondi is sexy!
dipper looks kinda handsome too, weird…

also, you should had charged for that taco.

fun starts at 0:30

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This is…. depressing…

I am ember-zemian

This is my blog… I am my biggest fan.

Forever Alone
HAHAHAHA YOU SUCK! remember i’m here there is much less time than you, also, this got almost 3,000 notes
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made by me.
wanna make a request?

I’ll do the stupid thing first and then you shy people follow .
internet in a nutshell, reason why i made tumblr.
I’m not hating, I’m just pointing out all the mistakes you’re making.
do not wish for the genocide of stupid ppl, if that happens, who will work for us?
Victor Reis Sobreira.